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Ensuring Safety for Your Technology

If you're a company that handles sensitive digital information on a daily business, you need solid and secure mission critical protection and data management. The business technology consultants of Resilient Solutions, LLC possess a wealth of experience in the industry that spans decades. We will work to ensure your data is safe from catastrophic loss and protected with exemplary cybersecurity.

Our mission critical services provides data center strategic planning, data design and construction, forensic analysis, and due diligence for your business. We are proud to offer these services nationwide and to customers in New York City.

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Design and construct your data center with us today.

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Resilient Solution, LLC brings together a unique combination of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit with more than 40 years of enterprise, colocation services, IT, and construction experience. Located in New York, NY,  we are customarily involved with employees, brokers, clients, suppliers, developers, and leading-edge technology providers with a focus on developing corporate strategies and maintaining leading-edge technology operations.

When you have a mission critical question, we can get you the answers, whether it is about the physical infrastructure, the network, hardware, software, security, policy, procedures, or services.

We are vendor agnostic, so you can expect detailed answers with unbiased recommendations and solutions.

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