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Marketing Team


  • Creation of a market segment promotional campaign plan for a national CM.
  • Development of the Strategic vision for the GTM plans of a startup computer services group.
  • Feeding the marketing machine of a colocation operation with all the facts, figures, and metrics to create differentiation in the crowded marketplace.

Management and Operations

  • Established investment tax credits for 60% of the facility cost (post-IRS audit).
  • 25% energy reduction.
  • Construction of 45 data centers across 13 states coast-to-coast.
  • Management of a 1.2 million sq. ft. back office facility with a staff of 116 business technology consultants.
  • Renovated a live 33,000 sq. ft. financial services data center without interruption.
  • Managed the adds/moves/changes for a 700-person technology group.
  • Construction management of over 4 million sq. ft. of back office facilities (high-rise and campus).

Research Projects

  • LED - Ceramic-based linear LEDs for lighting data center aisles
  • Calculating the thermodynamic performance of data centers under various failure modes.
  • The design of modular/containerized data centers.
  • The application of compressed air as a replacement of batteries in UPS systems.
  • Developing the use of 380VDC as the new power source of the future
  • Integrating solar, wind, fuel cell, and power storage technologies into the mission critical operation.
  • Economically low PUE data center solutions for the SMB market.

Strategic Planning

  • Investment Bank - Funding due diligence on a client investment
  • Healthcare client needs analysis.

Training & Education

  • Working with a group that has secured a Department of Labor grant to create a community college Mission Critical degree program.
  • Serve on a regent board for a university that is delivering masters and doctorates in Mission Critical Operations and adding Cybersecurity as an additional career path in the future.
  • Working to secure multiple universities to deliver the bachelors programs with an overall goal of establishing Mission Critical as a career path.
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